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10-Aug-2017 05:12

Xenzio said: The 5-volume long "History's Strongest Disciple" got removed, at least, it disappeared from my list without any know reason (yet).This might be the reason: "History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi" is with the same characters, technique's, plots etc. (let's call them HSD en HSDK) HSD is the author/artists earlier work, years later, he re-created it, with new art, and longer plots, called HSDK, so there's a difference.- Nada les cuesta dejar un comentario, háganos saber que alguien viene a visitarnos.

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So either manga shouldn't be removed or anime should be to. But many people confused it with a duplicate entry, is that the reason, or do you actually have a good reason to remove a manga from MAL?

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