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and they contribute materially to neutraliae the effects of dust and glare during the summer months. r»6 '35 below la 29 87-1 80 '0 227 is-s 888 Much ... Then^ are nmny pleasant and interest^g wilb and drivea in and around tbi.- dii^trtct, aa well tm plac«0 for loooj^ ing or quiet retirement ; while outdoor games and other tottafi nniuseini-nt cnn \«- u Axtigvtl in by tho HC who an* inclined for »tb piii¥iiit& Tlif £a.shiunable game of golf seems u ill Llamlriinliwi Wc IIk aruclas Nxl ilh Siiliiii.', Sulphurv U«i, and Chalybeato. 632 ; bftth*, S8S : niudeaof oiuploy- ncnt of wattn, 533 : *«moii of VMr, 533 1 jpneral action of w»lot«, s34 : lh«rikpciit«il ua« ol watere, 534 1 oontrauidinlioni, 330 CAClt RXt A, Indian, Ridiiioulli i Mnoilcial in, 83 marine, in 8oilly lalunda, 61 Owsiir. Jnliiu, note* on the bl« of Slieppey, 431 Ca Icq Iu*, renal, at Shaftodniry, 141 i nll» wnlor* In, (111 unnary, ititri"|iif ul ili t'oliivmll, 8ii j Dnknow D at CIcvedun, ISO : almuat unknown at Weymouth. 404 ; t«r« at Chat- bani, iai Matv, 121 i at Ckvedo B, fs Oj prevalent at Shafteabury, 141 j Weyinoulb, contra- Indk Med lu, 14t( : not very prenileat at Bwan- a^F, 151 ; benefited by Boante- mouth, ISg- benefited by Vcdimot, 213 : of aveaap frcque Bcv u Shaottlin, 230; prerolont ifi HUjt winter at San Aow B, 994; A ordinary frvquencrat Preahva Sni ollinai«uf Eaalbovrfwl fictel in, 300) very I, itt KJ *e*i* i^^l ISDEX ttl » h' — (wtinuid. K, liarrod), SHU genvrfti romnrh*, 614 : hidtury, OHB ; ■ituation, 580 1 oliinato. 500 ; cloiiiificstion of nt«n, 390; (hcrapciitiu ellec U, SHI ; Analyiii of principal uprinoii, Qioahirv, Mr. : W)) i Ch Ubbnnt, g Mlo^-Lool and ulliiutl-ic tva- I tuna, 4(9: prevaiunt dintout M, 404; dn Sna^ and water lupply, 4(M Chloroau, moi'talitrfroiu, in Ihonju Dticn of Lemdo Q, Kciii, Surrsy, Sumcx. oam Mrcd witli Ibnl in Uo KUnd Mid Wa W, ail); um of Lranii Deton wstviv in, MH ; a«c Jon of Tnabrii%a Wolli watcra in, fitlfi Chona, Botton at Droilwiob brina bath* in. Okinting of the Cmincil of thi- Knyal Medicnl and Chirurgical Society, hei J on May 14th, 1880, Sir Edward Sievcking in th« chnir, it ynut ivwlvud, on tht; motiuii of Dr. The committee hopes to deal in a further report with the climatology of the remaining districts, and with those mineral springs which arc not included in the present voluina UST OF THE COMMITTEE AS AT PRESENT CONSTITUTED W. 1'he advan Uge.t of l^wtbuiiruu »a » health resort may be vvn* briefly summed up as follows : much sunshine, pure air, and absence of fog; clean, fpnckly-diying roadways; a plenti Ai I nnd^ good water-supply from welbs sunk in the deep chalk, and — per- ' haps the gr«ati«t of its natural advantage:* — -the proximity of tl breezj', health-giving South Downs. These trees have now in most cases attained to a gi Mx) sixc. There is a laalt artificial lake in the grounds of the Pump House Hotel, whi A it uam I fur boating. 511 ; sltualioii luid ^y^ol ahanct«r*, 5(28 : wn Mr ■opply, ASO : meteorology, 530 1 tbermal water*, 030 : pump room. 151 i alinoot unknown at Boumtmoittb, 18B i beii«4Gt«d 1y Huul Kbonmc, IS4 : Tery rare al Ven Uiur, Slfl ; very rar^ at Bhanklin, SSO ; ntr« at Suidowti, 224 1 very raieat Hyde, Oalo Dtna — t«alin utd. ) ; oon Hid Bralib inoitalily (ron, in tiuaaei, ZT3: aiadinn moriili^ from, in Sunny, 273 : relatively low mortality front, in Rent. ; I3S; vary rat« u Biigblaii, 3IS7 : rai* at Cliitlvbnnl. HI): tlinrapcutic effoola of olimate and it Kli L-ntioni for iumi, 111; dan- ger of Toyna" for old and weakly p6Mon«, III; nietsnrti Ui)[lc«l a Mtl H' tioi, 11-^ ■Iton, niiifall, 131) i Mliif diwtriut, 3WI Clisthain and Rl Cheltenham (by Dr.' A. XU Children, voluu nf C.^hannol Inlonda for, 111 ; nlaa of Shanklln fur, S«l ; Wo Mblsg aiii Ublii fur. Refrain fivm aiftomated querying Do not send automated queries of any sort to Google's system; If you are conducting research on machine translation, optical character recognition or other areas where access to a laige amount of text is helpful, please contact us. We encourage Ihe use of public domain materials for these purposes and maybe able to help. This district lies entirely to the west of the nucleus of Hastings Sands, and includes only hpberal [wrtions of the Wenlden system. Many cases coming t'rim dantp places tind the climate of Hasting H and St. Myalgia and Neuralgia ore not uncommon among all clastwe. — ^Thv climate offers no par- ticular advantages to peraonn suffering from these oompl Mint» per annum (for last eleven years) = 3" for the whole population (fi O. frfqtune;/ of Old Agt aiid Conimoji Cnv M* of Death among Pcrmana U Raidmtx. * Thaab Macoot uiy cllf Ti 1* &ii clement ot ubl^in thocau of children. ' Nonn oativnt« cou Mtitutu only a small proportion of the viaitors. Agne^ 47 ; in Dovonalil T«, Dt) ; ut 6t0 n VDEX Neir Um Abbot, 96 ; in Channel Islands, 110; t We Btan-Buper-Mare, 121 ( »t Clevedon, 130; »t Shsfteabury. — North of Mid- hiin't the boundary' of this section is given by the road trtnn Midhursl to Hosleniere. — It \x nti'dluss to anticijmt^^ here the general rvmsrlu made in other parts of this Report {i the n-ann- ing influence of the Gulf Stream. in 1788 and in IH-^S; on loth occasions a tliin sheet of ice was ob M-rvcd at Brighton and elsewhere." (F. Sawyer, toe cil.) Humifliti/ — "The air ou the coa.-*t of Sussex ti» mere liuniid than in the Weald, and in the winter months approaches very nearly to saturation." At Brighton, th mean humidity for the year at 9 a.m, is Ul), The following are some of the driest da\-» during six years: — 18«9. The group comprisi/s in descending order thi- following members: — Tunbridge Wells sand ; Wadhurst clay ; Ashdown sand. Meteorology (From obsen'ationa taken for the Government Meteorological Office, London, by Henry Colbonio, M. The whitlow graiw {Draha vema) comeei inlw bltxm u month earlier ihan elsewhere, and the same remark applies to the nii Hiclmlel. C»)cu1u« i» extremely -mn (only otu cue in 4,000 consecutive hospital |)Btiont B). The number "f ca-te.-* of rheumatoid arthriti» occumn R amonjf'' residents we take to be under the avemge. Only iwvcn (Uuilhs wore r L-g Uteretl from diarrhtm Ia! iivo of which were those of in&nts, and occurred during the summer re-throa U Tkf. Specially nolicenblo is tho great age attained by numbers of the natives. Alhe K.) 430 TUB CLIMATE OF REST The xy Htem uf drainage in arterial with an niitla U into the nea ■(at balf-c'bb lidi-) at the- irxtrcnit- i MHtt'mmtist iimil of tht to Dfhr my thtuks. 143; geolo Ktoil fea- t UTM, 144 ; climatolosy anr., ipoc Ul rqwrt on climate of Bcxhill, 343 Winchcbea, 320 "Winter cough," therapentic uaei of lle Tonahlrc cliraata in, IHl; efttet of Boumeinotith upon, Itl H Wouiuii, diaeo Mi D of, action ot Bath wat«re In, DSC; action of Buxton WHt«n in, fi SS Wuodhnll 8pa (by Dr. ^ j •mull mor- tality among uhildron at, 3Stl ; rainfall, 400 YAHMUimi, Iilc of Wight, 220 Zv MOTio di Mtuot, in Cornwall, 32 : at SI.Nevertheless, this work is expensive, so in order lo keep providing this resource, we have take D steps to prevent abuse by commercial parties, including placing technical restrictions on automated querying.

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Whelher a book is still in copyright varies from counlry lo counlry. Usage guidelines Google is proud to partner with librai'ies to digitize public domain materials and make them widely accessible. 488 8*3 below 7-2 sath 13 SA'Si IS90 320 IBSS ^^H Dwnabor . ^H ^r 1 W-1 ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■■ 1 \m ^^, au THK n.l MATR n V Rnft H«! llrviriifv tin tirwmiv T ^^H Piv- i'tart' ATrriuy, ISflfl (o 1*92, ^H Do;* Da liiavtiri. Public domain books belong to the public and we Lue merely Iheir custodians. ;0B 7-8 nbo»o ;-a ith 10 80-1 1S91 38 18B0 ^^H JLtttm X ... and we can'I offer guidance on whelher any specific use of any specific book is allowed.

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Please do not assume Ihat a book's appearance in Google Book Search means it can be used in any manner anywhere in the world. The (iniilt and Uppc-r Urci-n Mtnd form a mther thinner belt comprising Cocking. „ „ n«Tvou8 *y«l«iu Phthi M i Fcmr cuea ar«ro returned under thia hwd in 1690 : ana ■ cliild uui Ur Dii D year, orio midcnt, and two vinton.) Fmintnuy ofoldrngs: diott m SO iiriil njiwiinl* died at 70 uid ujiwuds Of Uilt U(t (-lua the a»r B|i:e ag« wu 14 l EM. Will* wril Mt "Tyiiho Sd fc Teritprtt Urtlly iinli Hoivn. Asthma is iiocommon among residenttt ; the cflcct of the climate variab K- according to inclivi reportj* on the climate and geological for- mation of the dbitrict, by Mr. Hl at one end of the Pantiles, a paved promenade, upon one side of which are 8h(i])it and n oovorod way fir the protection of the promenadera in rainy weather. The feel of the air, owing to the way in" which the valley i xumjunded by hill H, is somewhat oppressive and sultry.

The remaining part of the section (Globigerina cariacoensis and Globorotalia truncatulinoides zones) is characterized by many more specimens and species. In the present study, it was found also in the Calabrian; other occurrences may confirm this datum. Therefore, both are referred here to the same group. O 41 P 03/9/2013, external lateral view (scale bar: 200µm). Material: 4 right valves, 3 left valves and 3 carapaces. … continue reading »

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Devyn tells him that she will “never see [him] the same way again.” She then goes out to lunch with one of her cousins, who is in the Broadway production of “The Color Purple.” Her cousin gives her information about a casting director so that she can start auditioning in NYC.… continue reading »

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