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15-Dec-2017 07:54

The stereotyped scenario most of us think of when it comes to swinging might look a little something like a key party, where your mate for the evening is determined by whose keys you draw out of a dish.

This swinging practice from the '70s is now a far cry from the modern lifestyle.

He's level-headed, obliging and a dedicated companion to his long-time girlfriend.

Though his lifestyle is a private part of his life, he opens up honestly to debunk some misconceptions.

"We still have the same rules today that we did 20 years ago," says Verna. If we're going to have fun it's going to be together; same room, same bed.

It's about communication and comfort." And Dana and his girlfriend?

Dana says there are a lot of websites marketing the salacious aspects of swinging to single guys.

Dana became more aware of the growing population after taking part in the Everything to Do with Sex Show in January at the Cunard Centre.

Swingers are generally couples that take part in various sexual acts with other couples, or sometimes individuals.

The catch is the mutual consent: Swinging is not cheating because both parties agree upon it and in many cases are a witness to it. Everybody has sexual fantasies, I don't care who they are," Verna states.

So, it's not whether your relationship is lacking that little extra oomph, but is it strong enough to endure sex with other partners?

"Swinging is not a marriage counsellor..won't fix what's broken in your marriage or relationship," says Verna.They usually communicate over the internet or the phone and sometimes attend events, only to look at the menu: They never order.