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13-Sep-2017 18:35

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They break up and use the internet and cellphones to make each other angry.6. Personally I blame drugs and the internet for being the biggest contributors to ruining relationships and lives. Those same people begin texting round the clock still pretending that they know each other.3. I guess I fell for her then but after she told me to not call my heart was broke for about a month then I guess I just quit thinking about her.They have sex on a regular basis and start a life together.4. Interesting cause I have dated about half a dozen ladies this year. I don't know I guess you just get stronger Any of you single guys who are younger adults dropped out of dating all together?

Some of these strains of HPV (just for example) can remain in the body of a male or female for literally years, in a dormant state ( like Shingles/Chicken-Pox thing); so if a woman has been with another man, each new man starts a new "dormancy period", meaning she would have to remain sex-free for 8-10 years ( they think- no one knows for sure-at least) in order to know if they had one of the eight strains of HPV that is now known to cause Cancer in both men and women, with women at the higher risk due to cervical cancer statistics.

The kicker is, condoms , in reality, do almost nothing to protect from HPV. I honestly didn't know till I was involved with her.