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He had a very codependent, dysfunctional relationship with his mother, and it’s known he had a very dysfunctional relationship with his father, who abused him verbally and physically, so that kind of helped me get into his skin. He’s a monster, as well, but he is also a person that was hurt by someone else.

It doesn’t justify the killings — we’ve all been through horrible things with our families or just s— that we go through, and we don’t go out and kill people — he’s still a very disturbed person.

Ahead of the premiere of “The Dating Game Killer,” Diaz talks with about embodying the man and the monster, as well as if he feels justice was served with Alcala’s eventual sentence.

There is so much information available about Rodney Alcala and his crimes today.

I felt like I didn’t want to conjure up painful memories and feelings they had about this guy.

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And the fact that it was one of his victims responsible for that will give people some sort of hope and satisfaction, for lack of a better word.At first I asked the producers if I could meet Rodney himself.