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16-Sep-2017 19:24

How many times have you looked in the mirror and thought “if I had better hair, I’d get laid more? ” or “once I get this dream job, all the ladies will want me?

” I see this is movies all the time: who you are sucks right now, but if you make some quick cosmetic changes, you’ll instantly become desirable.

That’s when Ryan Gosling decides to also teach him how to talk and act, which is what we should all be doing.

Try Instead: well, this one’s more like an “and” than an “or”.

You just need a someone with a brilliant sense of style to show up and show you how to look infinitely better.

Then, the moment women see the new you, they will all want to make sweet sweet love to your penis.

When you talk to a girl, she’ll be more likely to stick around if you look well put together. If you don’t have anything captivating to say, she’s outta there.

(Rami talked about this with gamer girl Serenity in an episode of the podcast – Robin) The problem with this movie trope is that it encourages exterior changes instead of interior ones. Trust me, making some changes in how you approach women, how you view them, and how you view yourself, is much more potent than a new suit. The reason I love Crazy, Stupid, Love is because after Steve Carell gets his makeover, he still manages to fuck it up with a cute hairdresser by opening his mouth and saying something ridiculous.

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Soon the business is booming, but a skyscraper is taken over by a powerful ancient god which might prove the Ghostbusters’ end!Please get in better shape, and take more care of what you put in your body. No-one will fall in love with you at first sight if you look like this: So looking good will help. If all it took to get the girl was being well-dressed and flashing some cash, then every time I go to a club, I wouldn’t see a bunch of handsome losers in expensive suits standing around two magnum bottles by themselves.