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Also, instead of Sisko's line "there is a Vulcan station about 50 light-years away", when he responds to Solok's observation how "inefficient" human officers are, I would say something like "you know, you are right.There is a Romulan Warbird scheduled to arrive later today (as I look at a padd), with considerable battle damage.

(looking Solok straight in the eye) And thank you, Captain Solok, for reminding me of the importance of efficiency.It is also good to see more of a face given to the Vorta as a people.So far they have been remarkably vague, even as far as mysterious villains go.And actually, it should have raised some objections on DS9 as well.

The Vulcans are here to rest, but the DS9 senior staff is on the job! Obviously this was supposed to be a silly filler episode, but it turns out to be farce.

I'm afraid we won't be able to service your ship any time soon. Still, there is a Vulcan station about 50 light-years away, so they should be able to do something about your ship. I am giving this abomination one point only for the fact the I had a great time imagining what I would do in Sisko's place.

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