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.99 a month with your first month free during our beta.With its research-based data collection and robust analytics engine, Mentor provides the ideal platform upon which to build a UBI program.for Teens Parents, sign your teen up for Mentor and get personal driving insights, individual coaching and progress notifications.Coming soon: insurance savings and score comparisons for all drivers within the family.Students will receive a free 15-minute virtual personal coaching session upon commencing a paid subscription.It will continue every 90 days as long as the subscription remains active.Similar variables identify evidence of rough and unsafe driving over subsequent trips and serve as dependent/outcome variables which the model is designed to predict.These outcome variables are considered strong indicators of and therefore expected to be highly correlated with actual incidents data.

Discuss your FICO® Safe Driving Score, progress reports or topics, such as the key steps to passing the DMV driving test.

The higher the score, the safer the driver and the lower the likelihood of a road incident or collision.