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After the torrent of pixels has been broken down into chewable chunks, they are fed into the newly programmed gate array (or other hardware), which performs the elemental image processing tasks associated with the selected applications.

This pixel segmenter breaks down the massive stream of imagery from the sensor into manageable spatial and/or temporal blobs (e.g., akin to MPEG macroblocks, wavelet transform blocks, 64×64 pixel blocks, etc.).

Note: Before adding to this list, make sure you have checked FPK / PSL Sniper Rifle.

The FPK, PSL or Romak is a Romanian AK-derived sniper rifle sometimes used as an ersatz SVD in movies, so an entry which appears to be omitted from this page may well be on that one.

Participants must download a special application from the Pepsi-dot-com web site (or the Apple App Store), which serves to distribute the clues (which may also be published to Twitter).

Still others concern metadata generation, processing, and representation.

Yet others relate to coping with fixed focus limitations of cell phone cameras, e.g., in reading digital watermark data. A great number of other features and arrangements are also detailed.a machine vision processing module, selected from the group consisting of an FFT module, an edge detection module, a pattern extraction module, a Fourier-Mellin transformer, a texture classifier, a color histogram module, a SIFT processor, and a SURF processor; andwherein the machine vision processing module employs processing circuitry integrated on a common substrate with the image sensor, and wherein the interconnection arrangement couples image data from the image sensor to the machine vision processing module without passing through the human visual system processing module. A cell phone including a microphone and a cellular radio transceiver, and additionally comprising an image sensor and plural stages for processing image-related data, wherein a data driven packet architecture is employed, by which information in a header of a packet determines parameters to be applied by the image sensor in initially capturing image data, and other information in the packet header determines processing to be performed by the plural stages on image-related data conveyed in a body of the packet. A system comprising a cell phone and one or more remote processors for performing image-related processing, the cell phone including a microphone, a cellular radio transceiver, a memory, and an image sensor operative to capture frames of image information, the cell phone including a keyvector processing module operative to package image data from the sensor into keyvector packets—at least some of which comprise less than a single frame of image data, the cell phone further comprising a routing module for routing certain keyvector packets for processing of image-related data within the cell phone, and for routing certain keyvector packets for processing of image-related data by a remote processor, the system further comprising a module remote from the cell phone, cooperating with the routing module, operative to distribute data from keyvectors to remote processors, and to collect processed data from the remote processors for return to the cell phone.

There are two versions; one is identical to the original Dragunov SVD (save a somewhat less "clean" finish on metal parts) and fires the 7.62x54mm R cartridge.

The .308 Winchester version (7.62x51mm NATO) version has a more square shaped box magazine.

The reader is thus directed to the following applications that serve to detail arrangements in which applicants intend the present technology to be applied, and that technically supplement the present disclosure: Application Ser. Based on internet-distributed clues, people try to find a hidden six-pack of soda to earn a 0 prize.

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- Bugfix: HDD formatting did not work in some cases on the following models: Dune HD Max, Dune HD Duo, Dune HD Smart D1/H1/B1, Dune HD Prime 3.0, Dune HD Base 3.0 - Bugfix: in some cases Recent main menu item was not included into the "Dune Plus" subscription. - Bugfix: ZOOM function did not work in some cases.… continue reading »

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Tra di esse, una viene proposta come nuova: Acanthocythereis reticulata , rinvenuta nei livelli pi bassi della sezione riferiti al Pliocene Superiore. B) shows greater length and less height than the female (Pl. This type of occurrence corresponds very well with the diagrammatic projections plotted by (1984) for associations of the Bathyal Zone (650 m water deep). … continue reading »

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