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As well as a source of tips and advice from experts, it's good to chat and to blow off steam when there's no one around to scream at!""I don't log on as much as I used to but to know you are there is a real comfort.""I love the layout for Fifty Plus Forum looks so lovely, fresh and bright."Full of admiration for this lovely new and uplifting design""FPF is my link to the outside world.The parties are arranged in a professional manner and nothing is left to chance when they are put on, though there are only a few each year.I intend to bust your preconceptions about what a sex club should be like, though whether I survive the legions of prudes, is another matter.Other forums that are open to the public (and search engines) offer this facility but we don't.What goes on in this forum stays in this forum, sorry, that's just the way it is.This makes it much friendlier and you are treated as an individual and warmly welcomed along, rather than being shepherded in like sheep, fleeced and then forgotten about once inside, as I have found at many other places.

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Last month's challenge was for some things that represented Spring. One of the earlier challenges asked for "Something Old". Whereas most modern clubs for gentlemen are fairly tame, very expensive, soulless and do not generally allow any touching of the dancing girls except in booths, I am the organiser of an amateur group of enthusiasts who are fans of gang bangs, and for the girls who love them too.It is situated in a private house in London, rather than an impersonal venue found in a side street, which is normally the location for most other adult clubs who don't care too much who attends.We have birds, animals and wild life, sunrises and sunsets, a range of 'whimsy' picture threads with colours as their themes (these give you a chance of exercising those little grey cells) and a 'watery selection' of rivers, fountains etc, So - come on in - and bring your camera with you!

You might even win a prize in one of the photographic competitions that we have from time to time..."It's been said that people like to see what's in a forum before they join.

Here are just a few "Old" photos that have been entered.